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Our Story

Calisto was started by students in a university innovation program based out of Provo, Utah. During their customer
discovery, they found that the outdoor service industry was heavily neglected by technological innovation. Combining their backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering, they designed the Insight Analytics Platform which collects data from chemical application services and turns it into valuable insights that can be acted upon.

Our Mission

Calisto with born with the mission of giving outdoor service professionals the data and tools needed to delight customers and operate effectively. They accomplish this by creating high-tech solutions that allow for seamless recording, analyzing, and application of operational data in the outdoor service industry.

The Team

Austin Reid Headshot

Austin Reid

CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan Parco Headshot

Ryan Parco

Hardware Lead
& Co-Founder

Ben Cullen Headshot

Ben Cullen

Software Lead
& Co-Founder